How can I best prepare my home for a siding replacement?

You can prepare your property in various ways. These preparations can aid in creating a smooth and efficient workflow, whilst keeping your property protected during your siding replacement Chicago based project.

  1. Prepare access to a power outlet. Your siding contractor crew will need access to a power preferably 20-amp circuit power outlet. Freeing one up and removing obstacles for them in advance is a good place to start.
  2. Preparations inside your home. Siding replacement service will cause movement or shaking of your walls, so make sure to prepare the inside of your home. Remove all hanging items and items on shelves, to protect them from falling.
  3. Preparations required on the outside. Move patio furniture or firewood that could obstruct the crew’s ability to access your external walls. Also put away any outside décor and wrap shrubbery in landscaping canvas to offer protection against any accidents. Also keep your lawn short which will help the construction team to find possible nails or other things that may have dropped.
  4. Alternate plans can come in handy. Construction can be noisy and for people that work from home it can be a good idea to have an alternate workspace for the time being. The same goes for pet owners that may want to make alternate plans in the interest of their pet’s wellbeing.

What can I expect before construction commences?
Usually about a day or two before the siding installation Chicago clients can expect DSK Siding Contractors to have planned for the delivery of a dumpster and the new siding. Ask your appointed siding company Chicago based team regarding any permits that your municipality may require related to dumpsters and scheduled building work.

Municipalities generally want to keep dumpsters and building material off the streets, therefore make sure to inform the supervisor where you want the dumpster and siding material to be placed. Plan the delivery area ahead of time to avoid blocking access to your garage but keep in mind that the construction crew needs the material to be close at hand. Dumpsters are extremely heavy but you can request the driver to place wood beneath the pressure points to distribute some of the weight.

Which preparations are important during construction?
On arrival, your DSK Siding Contractors Chicago based crew will first orientate themselves and set up their workstations. Thereafter they will proceed to remove all existing siding. Safety is one of the most important aspects that must be maintained throughout your siding replacement Chicago based project. A well-organized crew will keep the site tidy during the day and clean up before they go home, but don’t underestimate the mess a siding replacement creates. Always wear appropriate footwear as nails and other debris may be lurking on the ground. As the crew may leave their scaffolding up during a large part of the project, keep your and your neighbor’s children away from the site. Taking prevention measures can avoid accidents.

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